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Why look for reviewers?

Many YouTubers are at the forefront of popularity. They share product reviews, analyze the latest technology, and share their experience,which helps new users to choose the right printers and printing products, and discussions for their experiences with old users.

In order to let more people understand the advantages and operations of WEISTEK products, we encourage and support people to create and share content about our products.

If your assessment is very good, we will consider establishing a long-term relationship with you. If WEISTEK releases a new product or any product updates in the future, you will be our priority.

What you need to do:

Send Email to

1. Send us links to your past reviews
Whether you're a YouTuber with more than 100,000-200,000 subscribers, or a video viewer with up to 10,000 viewers, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a highly influential blogger, it has influence. Please contact us and send us your channel for viewing.
2. Tell us if you have ever tested a 3d printer
3. Specify the printer to be evaluated
4. Which aspect do you plan to test
5. How long can you complete the review

We will reply to you within 3 working days and tell you the next step.
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