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WEISTEK 3D is looking for distributors and resellers!!

3D printing is more and more widely used in various fields and plays an irreplaceable role in various fields. A quantitative reports from Oxford University shows that 46% of occupations in the next 20 years are more than 70% likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence. In the future, machines will replace repetitive labor, and humans will return to the creative field;
At present, 37 countries around the world have integrated 3D creative design into the basic education system. In order to facilitate people's understanding and learning 3D printing technology, make users use our 3D printing products more conveniently, provide fast and professional services for local users, WEISTEK is looking for distributors and resellers worldwide to cooperate with.

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What can you get from WEISTEK?

1. Brand advantage
Shenzhen Weistek Technology Co., Ltd. (Weistek) was established in May 2011. With the concept of helping everyone realize "creative, free expression", we focus on high-speed desktop 3D printers, 3D printing materials, and 3D printing educational platforms. WEISTEK is one of the top ten desktop 3D printer brands in the world, and one of the earliest comprehensive service providers dedicated to STEAM's one-stop education 3D solution in China.

WEISTEK Professional to provide modeling software, 3D printing service, 3D education courses, FDM 3D printers (Large-size 3D printers and High-speed 3D printers), FDM filament(PLA, PETG, TPU, Etc.), LCD 3D printers(High-speed LCD 3D printers and other size of LCD 3D printer), 3D UV resins(Rapid resin, ABS-like resins, high-toughness resins, water-washing resins, special resin and Etc.). Own a full set of authorization and certification to ensure that each product is legal, safe and orthodox. abundant and various of product lines and excellent quality will meet user`s self-purchase and distribution agency needs.

2. Technical and service support
We have set up 3D printing engineering technology R & D centers and STEAM education research centers in China, Denmark and Australia. We have a 10,000 ㎡ factory in China to ensure sufficient production capacity. The service support team consists of highly skilled engineers, has extensive in-depth technical experience in the field of 3D printing, and focuses on strict quality inspection and testing processes.

3. Quality Assurance
WEISTEK `ve always focused on the quality and safe of products. The products passed ROHS, REACH, PAHS,MSDS and California 65 test to meet European and US safety standards. Utilizing efficient manufacturing systems and quality assurance systems, WEISTEK provides customers with competitive products and quality services.
In order to improve service quality, we have set strict customer service assessment standards:
①The proportion of handling customer complaints must be 100%;
②The customer complaint rate must be less than 2%;
③Customer satisfaction must exceed 90%.

4. Company Strength
Has applied for 26 patents, including 11 invention patents and 9 soft ones; owns four core technologies of high-speed 3d printers, printing speeds up to 450mm / s, 3-5 times faster than mainstream models in the market, and won the top ten printers in the world Brand
Possessing a number of core material formulas, researching and developing a variety of environmentally-friendly biodegradable bio-consumables including nano-scale 3D printed ceramic filling materials / wood plastic / metal / elasticity / flexibility / temperature change
The core team members are from Mainland China / Hong Kong / Denmark / Australia / USA, with an international perspective;
Covering leading international talents in 3d printing technology / bio-based materials / innovative education / 3D modeling;

The R & D team is located in Denmark, Australia and China, with a total factory area in China of 10,000 square meters.

5. The most cost-effective product
Compared with other 3D printer brands, WEISTEK is committed to letting users enjoy the ultimate printing experience, optimizing from a series of aspects such as speed, printing area, and print quality, making WEISTEK products a cost-effective product. Let users fall in love with 3D printing. We dream that in the near future, everyone can recognize 3D printing, use 3D printing to create, and enjoy the joy of dreams coming into reality. If you need a large purchase, please feel free to contact us for wholesale prices.

What can we expect from you?

Please affirm the value and product of WEISTEK.
Sales channels are required
Follow price control agreements without disrupting the market's lowest price.
Collect customer feedback to improve WISTEK's local brand image and services.
Collect feedback from customers to enhance C Reality brands or launch localized RODUCTS and services.

How to apply?

Please contact us after you can learn more about the 3D printing local market and the sales will reply you within 24 hours.

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